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Memberships & Fees

Island Gym and Fitness requires automatic Bank or Credit Card withdrawls for all members' dues. We accept all major Credit Cards, Cash, and Checks for Temporary Membership Passes.

Full-Time Memberships


Individual Membership Monthly Dues    /    $60

Full-Time Student or Senior (60+) Monthly Dues    /    $55

Joint Membership Monthly Dues    /    $100

For 2 Members.

Family Membership Monthly Dues

$100 per couple + $15 per child (children include ages 12- 17. Children under the age of 15 must have an adult present with them at all times).

High School Athletes Monthly Dues    /    $30

Students under the age of 18 do not have to pay an annual fee.

Annual Fee    /    $65

(Per Member, +18 yo) Our annual fee is paid initially when members first join. Annual payments will then be made every year on the month that the member joined.

Temporary Membership Passes

Day Pass    /    $20

With Hawaii ID / $12

1 Day

Week Pass    /    $50

7 Consecutive Days

Two Week Pass    /    $70

14 Consecutive Days

Month Pass    /    $100

31 Consecutive Days

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